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Why does my cat's poop smell so bad?

I live with a roommate who has 2 cats, and I have one cat myself. Her litter box is uncovered, and she doesn%26#039;t clean it very often. However, it doesn%26#039;t smell at all. My cat however, has a covered litter box that I clean every few days. I use the powdered litter box deodorizer and that arm %26amp; hammer litter. My cat%26#039;s poop smells sooooo bad! It stinks up the whole apartment.

I was thinking maybe it is my cat%26#039;s diet. I feed her Purina%26#039;s (i think that%26#039;s what it is) Indoor Cat Formula, and also for her evening meal I feed her fancy feast. My roommate%26#039;s cats only eat dry food. Do you think this could be it? My cat has been eating canned food for dinner every night, and she won%26#039;t stop bothering me if I don%26#039;t feed it to her. Any suggestions!?

Why does my cat%26#039;s poop smell so bad?
Fancy feast is a nice treat but compared to other brands of wet food has very little nutritional value. Any food with a real gravy based mix is questionable.

I go with a wet food that is more a mash-able solid. What I feed is a brand called preformatrin which is available @ pet value here in Canada. And Even with that only feed a small amount like 1 tablespoon

Also feeding a cat milk increases the smell (I don%26#039;t know if you feed your milk but...)

I would try a change in diet before the vet as long as the cat isn%26#039;t experiencing other problems.
Reply:a cats poop just smells bad naturally and not much to change it. its cat ****! just keep the litter box scooped out or change it twice a week! good luck with that!
Reply:well yes it is the canned food.....that makes it mushy..(uggg) and obiously smelly...and for my cat....we used to do the same thing and her poos really smelled! and the same with cat loved it but it make her dirt smell
Reply:I would suggest putting her on a more expensive diet, however, if you don%26#039;t have the money for (Iams, Science Diet, etc) try the litter first. I think Tidy Cats Scoopable is great! You need to scoop it out everyday and I don%26#039;t have any issues with it - and we have (had) 4 cats. We%26#039;re down to 3 as of yesterday : (
Reply:Well you are right it is the diet. Most people over feed their pets. You shouldn%26#039;t be giving your cat more than a teaspoon of canned food at a time. One can of fancy feast is way to much food at one setting. Also the indoor formula is a good food. The other thing is the litter it self. We use a scoopable litter by Agway and we have three cats. Usually the order is from the pee and the scoopable litter works very well. There is no order in our house of cats. When we have company and they see the cats they can%26#039;t beleive we have three cats. Make sure you leive lots of clean water down for you cat as the more they drink the weaker the smell of the pee. Good luck...
Reply:my cat%26#039;s poop smelled bad too, but then we start to scoop her litter regularly (we use powder litter, multicat formula) and pour in new layer so it doesn%26#039;t smell that bad. we add new layer on top of the old layer (after scooping) every two days. my cat eats both grain and can food. i feed her friskies can food and royal canin grain. I also brush her teeth every now and then.

maybe it was your cat%26#039;s urine, not the poop that smells. my cat drinks a lot of fresh water, maybe that helps reduce the odour.
Reply:What did you think animal poop smells like flowers?

Just kidding!

It may be the diet. Try feeding her what your roomie feeds her cat. It may also be a serious condition. Call the vet and see about an appointment.
Reply:It might be the cat`s food. But in my opinion, all poop smells equally bad, some may be stinkier than others, but all are still stinky.
Reply:Less beer for the cat. More for your roommate.
Reply:If your cat is hungry, your cat will eat what you put down. While the Fancy Feast is fun, it DOES stink to high heaven. You should mix it with the dry food - this is also better for digestion.
Reply:It could be the type of brand or food. Or it could be that your roommate uses a different litter.
Reply:My seven katz eat the Purina Indoor, that in itself has cut down on the odor, but when I let them have canned cat food... run, RUN LIKE THE WIND!! We also use Arm and Hammer litter, but I get carpet sprinkles from the household section because they have a little stronger scent. Try laying off the canned food for 2 weeks and see if the odor subsides(You could let her have some canned chicken instead, one thing that will cause odor is fish or fish oil.) if not, she could have some sort of intestinal parasite or infection that is causing it.

There is always the chance, though, that your kitty has a gastrointestinal extravaganza with food, and the odor is just a thank you...
Reply:Take her to the vet. Maybe she has an infection. Change her food.
Reply:If I were you I would ask a pet store folks they might suggest something also.
Reply:Cat poop does smell worse when they eat canned food.Clean the litter box every day.
Reply:1) Purina just sux, cats don%26#039;t even eat that much. Maybe you can feed him royal canin or science diet.

2) Why don%26#039;t u try those scented litter and powdered litter box deodorizer. My kitten%26#039;s poop smells bad, but the %26quot;yesterday%26#039;s newspaper, w/ scent%26quot; covers the smell

3) Cats eat wet food have smelly poop for sure

maybe stop the wet food for a few days and see if there%26#039;s any improvement
Reply:she might have an infection. maybe her food isn%26#039;t right for here. or maybe she ate something like grass or her poop. ask a vet.


My shih tzu don't smell good?

is there anything that i can do like applying cologne or anything. i have tried to use a grooming shampoo spray with deodorizer, it doesn%26#039;t help. my shih tzu is only 3months old. help!!!!

My shih tzu don%26#039;t smell good?
Most puppies have an odor, some find it okay others are bothered by it. They grow out of it, although weekly bathing helps.

Be sure to use products for animals and not your shampoo. We went through the same thing with our Lhasa apso, he%26#039;s a year old now and doesn%26#039;t smell so bad, except when he%26#039;s been having fun in the rain and mud.

As the old joke goes: My dog has no nose!

How does he smell?

Bloddy awlful!!

Good luck and enjoy your puppy!
Reply:Consult your vet
Reply:1. Brush teeth daily (or at least put the dog toothpaste in their mouth -- like C.E.T. gel)

2. Brush and/or comb daily

3. Wipes paws and butt with babywipes after your dog comes in from outside.

4. Wash dog at least e/o week.

5. Full groom every 6-8 weeks.

6. Between washings use a puppy bathwipe.

7. Clean matter from corner of eyes and wipe inside ears with warm cotton pad. Dry ears.

8. Use a premium food like INNOVA puppy food until 10 months and then gradually switch to INNOVA EVO.

9. Stop feeding wet food if corrently doing so.

If all this doesn%26#039;t help, then take to vet to see if the dog has some type of bacteria.
Reply:First see a vet. If the smell is coming from the ears it could be an ear infection. Often bad doggy odor is because of the dogs diet. Our pets need quality pet food. Read the ingredients list and learn what the stuff on there is and what it does (or does not do) to/for our pets. A quick pet food 101. If the pet food contains corn/corn products or by products it is a poor quality food. Do not pay attention to advertising, they all say there food is great. Corn is a filler that can trigger skin problems. (allergies, skin problems, itching and excessive shedding) By products is anything from an animal not fit for human consumption, including cancerous tissue. Quality foods have meat as the first ingredient. California Natural, Solid Gold, Innova and Merrick are a few of the best brands available. If you want to learn more check out:; more=1
Reply:Why do you think they call it a sh!tsu??????
Reply:lol 5

skin tags

How to eliminate odors in kitchen cabinet garbage cupboard?

We are trying to eliminate the odor that comes from our cupboard that holds our plastic garbage can. We have tried baking soda, coffee beans and stickup air deodorizer. The smell seems to have permiated into the wood.

How to eliminate odors in kitchen cabinet garbage cupboard?
I have the perfect solution that i use myself for the same problem. It is a product called FRIDGE IT odor absorbers. It is a littler purple cube with an activated carbon filter inside that is really great. It works so much better than baking soda and all those sprays. The carbon literally eliminates the odors and works for a long time. I use this product everywhere including my fridge and also under sinks, near trash and have friends that use it on cat litter box and also diaper pails - it%26#039;s that good. I really recommend it. You can buy it in kitchen gadget sections in stores like walmart and linens and things. I also think camping world sells it. Definitely worth trying.
Reply:Have you washed down the wood with a citris based cleaner? Many odors are encapsulated in fat molecules which stick to wood. In worse case senario you can paint the interior of the cabinet with a sealing paint such as Kilz, but that%26#039;s worst case. In mean time try washing then put a Smells Be Gone solid in cabinet. You can find it in many grocery store where they have clothing items such as mothballs and of course the big box stores.
Reply:Try orange or lemon peels. You could also try putting a few teaspoons of lemon juice directly on the wood inside. Hope this helps.
Reply:Take out the trash.
Reply:Leave a small bowl of white vinegar under there for a week or so. Chow
Reply:Clean the garbage out really well with disinfectant. Spray with lysol. Every time you change the trash, spray the garbage with lysol. It keeps it from growing nasty bugs and it keeps it smelling better! Good Luck! :)
Reply:keep on with the baking soda, spray the wood inside with febreeze, and put some amonia or vinegar in the bottom of the garbage can when its empty.


I am finally getting a hamster!?

i have been trying for weeks to get a hamster, and i am finally allowed. I know i am getting a campbell dwarf hamster (russian). and i know i am going to get a habitrail ovo cage. (the suite) The rest is based on what you say. The food i think i am going to get is

the ball i am going to get is

I am also going to get a cage deodorizer

I am going to get this bedding:

If you have any ideas on toys or comments on anything can you help me out because this is my first hamster! Thanks!

I am finally getting a hamster!?
I checked out all the links and i%26#039;d say it all looks fine, Have fun with your new hamster!!
Reply:make sure u get the stuff that u add to his water so they don%26#039;t get wet tail disease. It is very cheap and u can get it at ne pet store.

skin rash

Hi. I'm planning to buy a mid side refrig. Does anyone know which is the best in India ?

Size I%26#039;m looking at - 450-500

Brands I liked - Toshiba (Model - HYBRID PLASMA DEODORIZER), SHARP

Hi. I%26#039;m planning to buy a mid side refrig. Does anyone know which is the best in India ?
There are many brands to choose from. Before any purchase ask about after sales service and warranty on the compressor. We had terrible experience with Godrej Eon 450 litres. In less than 2 months, we had to get it serviced 5 times and had to replace the thermostat 2 times. Godrej really is awful and so is there service. All our vegetables froze and turned into ice. We kept calling and they just forwarded the complaints to oblivion. I wouldn%26#039;t recommend Godrej brand to my worst enemy. All the ads by Preity Zinta is just gimmick. Their product is a waste of money, a harassment and a nuisance to everyday living, So beware of Godrej brands.
Reply:Try SANYO.


Looking for Febreze or A&H Pet deoderizer alternatives?

Help! I have used Febeze and Arm %26amp; Hammer spray pet deodorize on my carpet in the past but need some alternatives. I like the way Febreze works, but I cannot tolerate the smell-The A %26amp; H worked the best, but I cannot find it in my area at all any longer. For various reasons I cannot use the %26quot;sprinkle %26amp; vacuum%26quot; type of carpet deodorizer. does anyone know of any SPRAY alternative products that work as well?

My carpets, cats and me thank you.

Looking for Febreze or A%26amp;H Pet deoderizer alternatives?
Nature%26#039;s Miracle!! This stuff is amazing. It removes biological odor like nothing else.. You can get it at most pet stores, or online... =)


White spots in the carpet?

I used to use the powder deodorizer on my carpet. I haven%26#039;t used it in a long time, however when my fiance vacummed our living room recently it left several white spots in the carpet (i%26#039;m assuming it is from the previously used carpet powder). Any ideas how to get these spots up?

White spots in the carpet?
I don%26#039;t hink powder is the cost.

Maybe you need to washed your Carpet. You can rent a RUG DOCTOR to used shampoo a Carpet.